Established in November 2000, Muso Shugyo Ryu is a martial arts and living history club dedicated to the Japanese samurai.

The club is named after the samurai warrior pilgrimage (Muso Shugyo), a journey a samurai would take, traveling the country to learn new styles and skills and to broaden his knowledge and understanding of both himself and the martial arts.

Muso Shugyo study the history, philosophy and fighting arts of the samurai from the following historic Japanese periods:

Sengoku-Jidai - Warring states period - 1392-1603 - (Mass armour battlefied conflicts)
Edo period - Tokugawa rule 1603-1867 - (Samurai at peace)
Meiji period 1846 -1912, (End of the Samurai era)

right up to today's modern swordsmanship and martial arts.
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